New Second Chance music...

Second Chance returns with a new album to mark the bands 20 Year Anniversary. A collection of the bands and fans favorite tunes re-recorded acoustic and raw with some fellow musician friends appearing on the record. Steel Strings & Broken Dreams is due out March 2017.

Guest Musicians: 
Tracy G (Ronnie James Dio, WWIII) 
Eric Razo (Henchmen, Viva Hate) 
Chris Dalley (Authority Zero, Implants) 
Gil Alvarado (Stand Up And Fight, LAU) 
Danny Baeza (Fiction Reform, LastLight) 
Rickey Villalobos (Empty Seat) 
Stan Dewitt (Sound Ministry Gurus) 
Jeremy Dominguez (Infirmities, Bedlam Saints) 
Margarito Castillo (Calavera, False Idols) 
Jackie Mendez (The Bossbeats) 
Vanessa Soto-Stickley (Moscow) 
Rob, Irvyn, Joey (Stand Up And Fight)


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