Frequently Asked ?'s

1. I want to distribute Loaded Bomb releases, do you do wholesale?
    A: Yes, please go to the contact page and we will let you know how.

2. I haven't received my order, who do I contact?
    A: Most of the time our orders go out within 48 hours of the order and are received within 3-10 days
        (over seas can take 2 -3 times as long). If you haven't received your order within this time frame,
         head over to the contact page and we will get it straight.

3. Can I send you my bands CD/Demo?
    A: Yes you may, but know that we are busy and will probably not get a chance to respond. Feel free
          to send us your Website/Social Media info and save your postage and CD. If we want to hear
more we will request it.

4. Can I sign up for your mailing list?
    A: Yes, the info is on our front page.

5. How can I book a Loaded Bomb band?
    A: Our bands are pretty hands on and can be contacted on their Website/Facebook/IG/ETC pages.
         If they are currently on tour, you can email us and we can help set things up.