Current Loaded Bomb Release:
Hard To Resist

Release Date: Sept 24th, 2021

1. Hard To Resist
2. Monster In Me
3. Mother Mother
4. Discouraged
5. J.L.A.
6. Move
7. Black Limo (CD only bonus track)

Current Members:
Geraldine Trujillo - Vocals
Rudy Salinas - Guitar
Carlyle Crenshaw - L. Guitar
Esteban Moreno - Bass
Larry Ramirez - Drums

Production Credits:
Recorded at: D.O'B. Sound Studios
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: L Ramirez



Gravity Layne hails from Whittier, California and is fronted by the fireball that is Geraldine Trujillo. Her massive voice in a pint sized shell has been grasping crowds since the band formed back in Winter of 2013. The band cut it's teeth while performing all over Southern California and the Pacific Mid West. They mix Hard Rock, Punk & Metal to blend a sound of their own. With the most recent additions of seasoned vets like John Sigala (Fused By Defiance) & Carlyle Crenshaw (The North) the band is at it's best and ready to release it's best music yet.

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