Current Loaded Bomb Release: Henchmen
Re-issue / ReMastered

Release Date: Feb 2016

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Crazy Head
3. Hypnotized
4. Them Eyes
5. Something Out There
6. Psycho '63
7. Red Sky
8. Mexico
9. Devil Woman Angel Baby
10. Get Away
11. Sleepwalker
12. Feel No Pain
13. Dead Or Alive

Current Members:
Eric Razo - Vocals & Guitar,
Steve Rejon - Bass,
Larry Ramirez - Drums


Henchmen are doing the dirty work of bringing real rock n' roll back to the forefront of todays stale, cookie cutter, music scene. Their sound is as hard hitting and ruthless as their name implies. Drawing from a never ending list of musical influences, Henchmen have created an original sound that exudes nothing but pure rock, with no rules, and no boundaries. The exact way it was meant to be.  Through hard work and non stop playing, Henchmen have established themselves as a no nonsense, no gimmick type of band. Having completed very successful tours of the U.S. and Europe, Henchmen are gathering a great following world wide. Just like the band, the fans are also Henchmen, besides without their fans who would they play for?? Bottom line... Get your ass up, go out to a show, have fun, and rock!

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