Current Loaded Bomb Release:
Melody Ranch Vol. 2

Release Date:  Oct 15, 2021

1. We'll Always Have Paris
2. Little Italy
3. In The Grey
4. She Was The Brightest
5. Tell Her I Miss Her

Jay Smalls - Guitars/Vocals
Albert Medina - Bass (Little Italy)
Colin Guthrie - Bass (She Was The Brightest/We'll Always Have Paris)
Neil Johnson - Drums (We'll Always Have Paris/She Was The Brightest/Little Italy)
Larry Ramirez - Drums (In The Grey/Tell Her I Miss Her)

Produced by: Larry Ramirez & Jay Smalls
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by: Larry Ramirez at D.O'B. Sound Studios


Born in East Los Angeles and raised in the suburbs of the San Gabriel Valley, Jay Smalls has carved out his own niche in the local LA Rock n' Roll / Punk scene. 
Having been a musician since the age of 8, Smalls had the fortune of being exposed to and embracing such diverse musical influences ranging from classics such as Django Reinhardt, Gene Vincent, The Beatles, ZZ Top, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen to more modern and edgier fare like The New York Dolls, Black Flag, The Clash, The Smiths, Hot Water Music and The Gaslight Anthem.
Drawing from these sources, Smalls has devised a style best described as "Blue Collar Folk"; songs written by a regular, everyday guy for other regular, everyday people.
Be sure to catch him live and experience the perfect marriage of Punk, Classic Rock and Folk in its ragged glory.