Current Loaded Bomb Release:
Tennessee 7 EP

Release Date:
Oct 1st, 2013

1. Tennessee 7
2. Liar
3. Simple Man
4. Train Song
5. Concrete Jungle

Current Members
Clint Johnson - Vocals / Guitar
Brian Johnson - Guitar / Vocals
George Vine - Bass / Vocals
Matt Morefield - Mandolin / Vocals
Joshua Camacho - Banjo / Slide / Harmonica
Richard Conklin - Drums / Vocals


It’s the beginning of 2013 and the bastards are in the studio to lay down the ground work for their first EP titled Tennessee 7. Many have had the pleasure of watching them live for the past couple years and it definitely leaves you wanting more. The years of playing run down seedy bars filled with smoke and booze have finally brought the bastards to a climax. The shanty watering holes with sweaty rockers running around half drunk have finally paid off in a release that is poised to stroke your ear hole and leave you wanting more! Somehow the bastards found a way through their punk rock days to lay down a mix of sound that stimulates all of your music tastes in one well put together EP. Fresh out of the Loaded Bomb Records studio this EP is the driving force behind this locomotive that is smashing through the doors of the Southern California music scene. Some might say to themselves it sounds like a mix of punk/bluegrass, or maybe celtic/punk, or even folk/punk. But in the eyes of the Bastards themselves they are simply punk rockers with punk rock roots and influences. They simply added a few unconventional instruments such as the banjo, upright bass, and mandolin. They mixed their own influences and playing styles, to come up with their own brand of country, folk, bluegrass, punk rock and rockabilly. The 3 and 4 part harmonies, the lyrics tasting of real life, and the high energy acoustic and slightly distorted electric sounds put the Largemouth Bastards in a genre of their own. Its best put this way, it’s bluegrass that meets punk rock on the streets for a fist fight! The new EP due out October 2013 is a brand of music that crosses boundaries into multiple genres’s and as Clint Johnson (lead singer/guitar) puts it, “has a little something for everyone.”