Current Loaded Bomb Release:
Leave It All Behind

Release Date: June 14, 2016

1. Whatcha Do
2. Hey!
3. Madness
4. Hyde In A Bottle
5. Only You
6. Devil In Me
7. Leave It All Behind

Current Members:
Mr Suicide - Vocals / Guitar
Harley Suicide - Drums

Production Credits:
Recorded at: D.O'B. Sound Studios. Sante Fe Springs, CA
Engineered by: Larry Ramirez
Produced & Mixed by: Larry Ramirez & Chuck Dietrich

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Rock 'N' Roll Suicides started in the summer of '09. They are a 2 piece garage/punk rock band based out of La Puente, CA. After more than 10 years of playing in many bands Mr. Suicide & Harley decided they wanted to start something different but still keep their punk rock roots. Both members are involved in the writing process even though Harley was actually just learning the drums. They wrote 15+ songs within just a few months of starting out, although only 11 were kept. Going into the studio so early on also contributed toward their raw sound.

Suicides have been played and interviewed on Double Down Radio, KTSTFM Radio, Brothers Bear Podcast, have been mentioned in Pasadena Weekly, had a feature article on and are on rotation on Earbits Radio "Live In Portland".

As a 2 piece band their live shows are very stripped down and raw but will make as much noise as a 3-5 piece band.Their songs will keep you on your toes!
They prefer not to be categorized to one genre but have been compared to X, The Stooges, Queens Of The Stone Age and a punk version of The White Stripes.