Current Loaded Bomb Release: Cadillac Smile

Release Date: June 2015

1. Lunch Money
2. Cadillac Smile
3. Gimme
4. Last Call
5. Lord Can You Tell Me (live)
6. Train (live)

Current Members
Robbie Bell - Vocals & Guitar, 
Jason Carmen - Bass, 
William Corner JR - Drums

Band Bio

Hailing from the dusty hills of the Inland Empire, the Sandbox Bullies formed in 1998 with a mix of Punk Rawk, Rockabilly, Blues and Good old Rock N Roll. They have played numerous shows including The Hootenanny, Rockabilly Bounce, Rockabilly Reunion, Rockabilly Royale, to name a few. They have shared the stage with countless different bands and have continued to perform after many obstacles and member changes. Not only do Sandbox Bullies enjoy playing music and entertaining their fans, they also like to engage with their fans, during and after shows so be sure and shoot the shit when your at a show.


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