Current Loaded Bomb Release:
Steel Strings & Broken Dreams

Release Date: March 31, 2017

1. Untitled
2. Right & Wrong
3. Devil's Child
4. Bleedin' Heart
5. We're No Angels
6. Where Eagles Dare / She
7. Bridgetown
8. Suicide Machine
9. 7 Years
10. Reaching Out
11. Let It Be
12. Toni
13. Standing Tall
Current Members:
Richard Mares - Vocals
Larry Ramirez - Guitar
Bobby Stickley - Bass
Derek O'Brien - Drums

Album Guests:
Eric Razo (Henchmen), Tracy G (Dio, WWIII, Tracy G Group), Chris Dalley (Authority Zero, Implants), Rickey Villalobos (Empty Seat), Danny Baeza (Fiction Reform, LastLight), Margarito Castillo (Calavera), Jeremy Dominguez (Infirmities), Vanessa Soto-Stickley (Moscow), Jackie Mendez (The Boss Beats), Stan Dewitt (Sound Ministry Gurus), Gil Alvarado (Stand Up & Fight, LAU)

Since it's creation in 95', the band has toured the states, sold albums all over the world and have gained tons of fans with their "High Octane" brand of Rock N" Roll. The band has survived line-up changes and record label collapses to morph into a real rock n roll powerhouse. The bad released it's first full length album "Double or Nothing" in 1998 to rave reviews in local magazines, fanzines & online websites. In March of 2002 the band released their follow-up entitled "The Right & Wrong EP" which was voted "Independent Album Of The Year" at the 12th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in 2002. 2003 saw the release of the "Mama Tried" record on now defunct Middle Finger Records, which was featured on 95.5 KLOS Radio in Los Angeles. 2008 saw the release of the We're No Angels EP and now 20 years after the band formed they are ready to release their final album...Steel Strings & Broken Dreams.

I.E.Band of The Year (2003 LA Music Awards)
I.E.Band of The Year (2003 Rock City News Awards)
Rock Album Of The Year (2002 LA Music Awards)
Outstanding Drummer of The Year (2002 LA Music Awards)
Outstanding Live Performance (2002 LA Music Awards)

"...a real powerhouse!"
- Kelly Cox, KLOS Radio, Los Angeles, CA
"Rich is like the Latin Elvis"
- Al Bowmen. Los Angeles Music Awards, Los Angeles, CA
"these guys have a great ear for tasty punk flavor"
- In Music We Trust, Newark, NJ