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Current Loaded Bomb Release
: Sinners, Harlots & Hooligans

Release Date: October 14, 2008

1. Automatic
2. Black & Blue
3. Back In Circulation
4. Price I Pay
5. Sin City
6. My Evil Ways
7. Out Of Control
8. Perfect
9. Boom Swagger
10. Stronger
11. Brand New Chevy

Current Members:
Geoff Yeaton - Vocals
Skot Pollok - Guitar
Todd Harper - Guitar
Bobby Stickley - Bass
Richie Mendez - Drums

"The Legendary Swagger is a seriously solid band, They posses everything you want in a band and
when their set was over it left you wishing they would just play their entire set again!"
- Big Wheel Magazine


Geoff Yeaton and Skot Pollok met while playing in bands in the Orange County music scene. Geoffs powerful, gritty yet melodic voice blended well the Skots straight-ahead, early Clash style of guitar playing, and The Legendary Swagger was born. The Legendary Swagger's sound is all about bringing in many influences, from the early OC/LA punk to the 70's garage rock. They pulled from some of their favorite bands, such as The Clash and The Replacements, to create a sound that had the power of punk but with a solid balance of melody and rock and roll groove. The last twist to the sound was Geoffs saxophone, rounding out the sound and bringing the music to a new maturity level. After a succession of members, the band landed on its final line up which includes Jim Perrault on bass and Richie "Boom-Boom" Mendez on drums. The added song writing abilities of these members, joined together with Skot and Geoff's already powerful and catchy writing, created the model for the new California sound. In 2005 and 2006 The Legendary Swagger shared the stage with such notable acts as Cadillac Tramps, Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, The Black Halos and Bullets N Octane. In the new era of one hit wonders, American Idol, and Mall Punk, The Legendary Swagger fills the void with powerful, heart felt songs about life, death, love and struggle. The Legendary Swagger is what true rock and roll was meant to be.