Current Loaded Bomb Release: Duck & Cover

Release Date: December 2015

1. I Need To Know (Tom Petty)
2. Devil In Me (Romantics)
3. Crying (The Animals)
4. Freedom (Hellbound Hayride)
5. Lucinda (Wildebeests)
6. House Of The Rising Sun (Animals)

Current Members:
Derek Coon - Vocals
Larry Ramirez - Guitar
Rick Cole - Guitar
Bobby Stickley - Bass
Mikey Petingil - Drums

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Formed out of the likes of such hard rockin' bands as Los Infernos (Dr Dream Records), Second Chance & The Legendary Swagger...The Lonesome Ones are throwing back to the days of old with a blend of 60's and Garage Rock with a little punk attitude. These veterans have been around the block a few times and know what good music is. They have created some great stripped down good ole rock n' roll right out of the garage. Be on the look out!