Current Loaded Bomb Release
Until The Wheels Fall Off

Release Date: November 2010

1. Rockin'
2. Heavy Load
3. Friday Night Boys
4. Drug Dealer
5. Fooled Love
6. My Way
7. Fire
8. Lost Love
9. Sorry Your Honor
10. Eye's To The Sky
11. My Baby
12. Nothing On Me
13. Virginia ST
14. Ready For Me
15. Death Of The Party

Current Members:
CB Martinez - Vocals & Guitar
Ed Reyes - Guitar
Tino Rodriguez - Bass
Ed Reyes Jr - Drums

Vatos Locos is a phenomenal Texas band exuding a pure rock and roll sound. From deep within one of the meanest inner city barrios, this unique and aggressive group was forged. Their surroundings injected them with inspiration to write and create some of the toughest, gut, life-living lyrics and songs around. Not only are audiences exposed to this pulsating sound, they will also witness a band with a tremendous stage presence. There is an energy that captivates the essence of entertainment. There is a power that grabs you... creating a massive following that wont let go. All you have to do is watch them perform to know this is for real!

"Punk Band of The Year" (2005 Houston Press Music Awards)
"Punk Band of The Year" (2004 Houston Press Music Awards)

"...somewhere Mike Ness is jealous"
- Skratch Magazine, Orange, CA

"Vatos Locos capture the essence of entertainment"
- The Houston Press, Houston, TX